Guidelines for chartering a foreign flag vessel


In accordance with the DG Circular No.2/2002 dated 8-11-2002, a foreign flag vessels can be chartered in by an Indian national charterer/agent for import and export of cargoes as also for carriage of coastal cargo on the Indian coast.


  1. Registration of principal charterers/Agent

    As a first step, a charterer/agent has to register by himself/herself with INSA by providing necessary personal details.  After scrutiny of the details, INSA will confirm the registration by Email.

    After receiving the confirmation from INSA, the charterer can float his/her chartering enquiry by using his/her user name and password.

    All relevant chartering details together with the detailed specification/type of vessel, needed to be chartered-in, are required to be filled up in the enquiry submission format.  An “INSA-NOC Enquiry Number” would be generated automatically after submission of each enquiry so floated.

    The enquiry thus floated will thereafter be circulated by INSA to all Indian shipowners for offering their Indian flag  vessels to the charterer/agent in response to their enquiry.  In event of non-availability of suitable Indian flag vessel   to cater to the requirement of charterer/agent, an INSA NOC  would be granted by INSA to the charterer/agent within the stipulated period as per the DGS guidelines in this regard.

    The charter/agent can then approach Directorate General of Shipping with INSA NOC and obtain the license for chartering a foreign flag vessel.


  1. Registration of Shipowners

    In order to respond to the chartering enquires floated by the charterers/agents on INSA’s website, an Indian shipowner has to register with INSA and follow the same procedure for registration as explained under Para 1 of for registration of a charterer/agent.