1919 ss Loyalty makes historical trip between Bombay and London with a swadeshi flag on 5th April; First national shipping company Scindia Steam Navigation Company set up


1923 Indian Mercantile Marine Committee set up; "Indian Carriage of Goods by Sea" Act came into force


1927 Training Ship Dufferin established


1929 Indian National Steamship Owners' Association (INSOA) set up


1945 Reconstruction Policy Sub-Committee on Shipping under chairmanship of Shri C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar set-up; recommended 100% carriage of coastal and overseas stategic cargoes, 50% in dry bulk sector and 40% liner cargoes by Indian ships


1946 Indian delegation took part in maritime conference of ILO


1947 Gross tonnage of Indian fleet stands at 0.19 million tonnes


1948 Directorate Marine Engineering Training (DMET) established; First Indian built ship "Jalausha" launched by the then PM, Late Jawaharlal Nehru


1949 Directorate General of Shipping established; INSOA launches its journal "Indian Shipping"


1952 Coastal trade reserved for Indian shipping companies


1957 Sumati Morarjee elected President of INSOA, becoming the first woman head of any shipowners organization in the world


1958 Transchart established; National Shipping Board setup to advise government on the shipping matters, Merchant Shipping Act formulated


1959 Shipping Development Fund Committee (SDFC) established


1962 Indian gross tonnage crosses 1 million tonne mark


1963 Dr. Nagendra Singh appointed President of International Maritime Organization (IMO)


1964 From this year onwards National Maritime Day is celebrated every year on 5th April to commemorate the maiden voyage of ss Loyalty


1968 Gross tonnage crosses 2 million tonne mark; INSOA changed to INSA


1972 T. S. Rajendra replaces T. S. Dufferin


1973 Dr. C.P. Srivastava appointed as Secretary General of IMO


1974 Gross tonnage crosses 3 million tonne mark


1975 Gross tonnage crosses 4 million tonne mark


1976 Gross tonnage crosses 5 million tonne mark


1979 INSA incorporated as a Company


1982 Gross tonnage crosses 6 million tonne mark


1987 Shipping Development Fund Committee abolished; Shipping Credit & Investment Company of India (SCICI) establishe


1992 Partial disinvestment of Government's stake in SCI


1993 T. S. Chanakya, a shore based acadamy, replaces T. S. Rajendra


1996 Gross tonnage crosses 7 million tonne mark


1997 SCICI merges with ICICI


1998 Cost Plus Formula in carriage of crude oil dismantled by government and market related freight rates implemented


2001 Expert Committee under chairmanship of Dr. Rakesh Mohan set-up to review Indian shipping and recommend measures for its revival


2002 Scope of Sec.33AC of I.T. Act expanded; APM dismantled


2003 Sagarmala Programme announced by Prime Minister


2004 Tonnage Tax for shipping industry introduced and INSA COMPLETES 75 YEARS