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  • Associate with all the activities in order to enhance the interests of Indian shipping companies, members of Association and the national shipping industry.

  • Co-ordinate its activities with other Chambers, Association, Federations, Leagues, Conference etc., in India and abroad.

  • Collect, collate and disseminate statistical and other information, in India and abroad, about shipping and allied industries.

  • Ensure proper conditions of service, for floating and shore personnel of shipping companies and to promote welfare measures for their benefit.

  • Establish and maintain bureaus and information regarding the conditions in similar industries in India and abroad.

  • Organize lectures, meetings, conferences, syllabuses for the advancement and promotion of maritime education.

  • Participate and take necessary action in promoting the interest of national mercantile marine in all its aspects like shipbuilding, ship repairing, port facilities etc. and allied activities.

  • Promote the development of national shipping for its fullest possible participation in the carriage of cargo, passengers, stores etc. in the inland, coastal and overseas trades of India as well as cross trades outside India.

  • Protect the national merchant navy from any encroachment or interference.

  • Publish journals and books.

  • Secure adequate representation for the Association and national shipping & allied industries on public, Government and non-Government bodies, Federations, Conferences & Committees.

  • Support training and research establishments and institutions.

  • Watch and take such action as may be considered advisable or necessary in regard to any contemplated legislation, Central or State that may affect the interests of shipping companies and allied industries.

  • Undertake and provide for the arbitration of all disputes in the shipping industry, both among members and non-members of the Association and in any other fields allied to the shipping industry.



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