Minutes of the Meeting held on 13.12.2017 at INSA Board Room to discuss issues pertaining to ONGC and Indian ship-owners/seafarers.

Reference is invited to the above meeting held on 13.12.2017 to discuss various issued pertaining to ONGC/Indian Shipowners and Seafarers.

Following decisions were taken pertaining to engagement chase boats.

  • 3.1.1 “NOC from INSA will be required of 50% requirements of the chase boat. If MS class vessels/sailing vessels through Federation of All Indian Sailing Vessels Industry Association are available then no NOC will be issued by INSA and consequently, no permission will be granted to use fishing boats as chase boats.
  • 3.3.2 ONGC may continue using 50% fishing boats as chase boats till current season i.e. 31.05.2018 with NOC from INSA.” Standard operating procedure for issuance of NOC by INSA for chase boats (SOP).

Since INSA NOC system is meant for issuing NOC for in-chartering foreign flag vessels only, the same system cannot be utilised for the above purpose.

  1. For engagement of MS Class Indian Flag vessels, as a chase boat, a charterer is required to forward his requirement on an email (noc@insa.org.in) to INSA, specifying technical details, No of the vessels, and the period for which the vessels are required to be chartered for the above purpose.
  2. The above email would be circulated by INSA to all Indian Offshore Vessels/Sailing Vessels, (the email address of sailing vessels have been provided to INSA by the Federation of Sailing Vessel Industry Association for this purpose.)
  3. A separate email group is created for this purpose where email address of all offshore sector vessels and sailing vessels are included.
  4. On receipt of email from the charterer for his requirement of chasing boats, the said email would be circulated to the offshore group indicated at serial no. 4 above.
  5. The OSV owners would be required to respond back directly to the charterer within 2 working days, with a copy to INSA for information. 6. After a stipulated time period of two working days, the charterer will confirm the type and no of vessels offered/ engaged by him for the above purpose.
  6. In event of Nil/insufficient response from Indian OSV/sailing vessel’s Owners for offering their vessels as chase boats, the charter would be permitted to hire other suitable fishing boats for which NOC in mail form would be forwarded to the charterer with a copy to DG Shipping.
  7. Up to 31st May, 2018, Charterer may continue using 50 % fishing boats as chase boats with NOC from INSA; however NO NOC would be granted to any fishing vessels if the requirement is fulfilled by the MS Class/Sailing Vessels.